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Some Lines From the Story of the Sintespar

SINTESPAR - Sindicato dos Técnicos de Segurança do Trabalho no Estado do Paraná.
(Union of Labor Safety Technicians in The State of Paraná - Brazil)
Recognized by the Ministry of Labor on september, 30, 1988
Published in D. O. U. 10/april/88
Occupational Safety Technician - Regulated Profession
Law 7,410 of November 27, 1985 and Regulated by Decree 92.530

The Union of Workers Safety Technicians in the State of Paraná - Sintespar - with headquarters and forum in the city of Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil, is constituted for purposes of study, coordination, protection and legal representation of the category of Occupational Safety Technicians, in the territorial base of the State of Paraná, Brazil, with the purpose of collaborating as an advisory body of the public authorities and other institutions in the sense of social solidarity, and its duration is indeterminate.

The Technicians dealt with in this article are: the former Labor Safety inspectors, Occupational Safety and Health Supervisors and Occupational Safety Technicians. According to Law No. 7,410 of November 25, 1985 and Decree Law 92.530 of 04/09/86, including those who have carried out teaching activities in the field of Occupational Safety and which comply with the Laws Supra.presentation of the professional category, covers not only the technicians in labor security contracted by companies with economic activity related in ART. 1, as well as employees in affiliated companies, in companies belonging to the same economic group and in companies with related economic activities, outsourced and quartirized.

People that have important role in the beginning:
Feliciano Moreira, Ari Luis Antunes, Isaias do Carmo, Elias de Oliveira, Walter César dos Santos, Airton Nardelli, Adir de Souza.

In October 1981 we held the first meeting for the creation of the then Professional Association of Occupational Safety Supervisors in the State of Paraná, and the great merit of this initiative in favor of this future category was the companion friend, Elias Martins, who was then active in the Sector of DRT's Work Safety. Regional Department of the Ministry of Labor, and that had several difficulties the main one is that at that time that seems not to be so far, public servant could not participate in class organization, Elias today is Auditor Fiscal of the Ministry of Labor in Curitiba. Other people also have important paper in the beginning, they are: Feliciano Moreira, Ari Luis Antunes, Isaias do Carmo, Elias de Oliveira, Walter César dos Santos, Airton Nardelli, Adir de Souza.

It is a Union of Technical Professionals with a Profession Regulated by Law 7.410 / 85. SINTESPAR represents the category for its differentiated training, brings together all Labor Safety Technicians in the State of Paraná, regardless of the sector of economic activity in which your company is located. In this case, decisive, as a criterion of grouping, is the profession, regardless of the category where it is exercised. Therefore, the Work Safety Technician, is part of the competence of SINTESPAR.

Those responsible for the human resources of the companies and the Security Technician themselves are unaware of the legal aspect of our profession, which is differentiated by not having an economic correlation, and for this reason erroneously collects union contribution, for the prevailing categories, another difficulty we have is the conventions we have signed and registered with the Brazil's Ministry of Labor several conventions, this is how we are differentiated category we have to close the same with all the employers' unions, and we have not only a convention like the other unions, but we must remember that even negotiation being carried out with different trade unions, the value of the floor is not differentiated but rather a unique value for all WORKERS 'SECURITY TECHNIQUES. Assuring every year a readjustment about same.

21st Century
In 2003, under the management of Adir de Souza, Carlos Marangon, created the first internet page for Sintespar ( Few months later, Sintespar associated with Radio Kosak, rulled by Marcio Kosak, the first radio in Brazil to transmit news about Safety Work.

In march of 2015, Sintespar launched the Abril Verde movement (April Green) that has as theme the Victims of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases, as well as the their reduction and mitigation.


SINTESPAR - Sindicato dos Técnicos de Segurança do Trabalho no Estado do Paraná.
Rua Francisco Torres, 545, 5º andar, sala 502
Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

Office Hours:
From 09:00 to 12:00 - 13:30to 17:00
12:00 to 13:00h, closed for launch


+55 (41) 3363-4152

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Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

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